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Boxout Soundsystem

Boxout.fm is an online radio station and community-run platform focusing on alternative music and culture. It’s a resolute, take-no-prisoners approach that guides the group of selectors who make up Boxout Soundsystem.

Boxout Soundsystem is unquestionably the result of years spent digging the deep crates to find and champion the sounds of the true underground.

Comprising boxout.fm co-founders DJ MoCity and Dualist Inquiry, in addition to the New Delhi community radio station’s innermost crew-slash-resident DJs – Rohan Kale, MadStarBase and Abhi Meer – Boxout Soundsystem offers a refined, 360-degree take on music in all its forms.

It’s routine to expect an extra-rich palette, from dubby electronics to experimental hip-hop to blistering electro and much in between. Each DJ in the crew brings with them years of experience both behind the decks and in front of the music, setting the stage for the ultimate takeover in any setting.