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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Kini Rao

Digging for records that are long lasting, she Kini steps away from the concept of disposable music and trends to find the kind of quality sound that can be played a decade down the line.

Kini is a DJ, producer and mixed media artist whose sets accentuate the sounds she loves and in a broader sense fit into the zones of house and techno.

An avid collector of music – she started her career at venues like Zenzi Mills in her hometown gradually playing bigger and bigger floors including after hours sets at bar 25 Berlin. This is what saw her push boundaries in music from an early stage.

From a live broadcast at Boiler Room to collaborating on music culture assignments with British Council/Goethe, Kini’s global tastes and effortless manoeuvres across the electronic music spectrum make her hard to define but essential to hear.

Kini’s music vision is to write, play and promote hi-fi music with a generous touch of lo-fi soul.

August 18, 1868 : King Mongkut ….accurately predicted the total solar eclipse today that passed through India and southeast Asia