Festival of
Music & Arts

Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

The Bira 91 South Stage is the home of live music.

This is where Magnetic Fielders begin their day of revelry, lounging and dancing on the grassy, sun dappled lawns of the palace. Come and be immersed by musicians from around the world. Watch deft fingers pluck at string and slide effortlessly over keys as the sound of horns, synths, guitar, bass and percussion fill the air with music for miles around.

As the warm rays of the December sun make way for the evening chill, the South Stage will this year come alive with sounds and songs of artists such as Four Tet, Machinedrum, Teebs, Ape Echoes, The Ska Vengers and many more.

"It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations. Precisely one of the most gratifying results of intellectual evolution is the continuous opening up of new and greater prospects." - Nikola Tesla