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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Kamma & Masalo

Amsterdam born and based vibemakers Kamma & Masalo are rising artists in their own right though as a DJ unit they create a whole new dimension of feelings to the crowd.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Kamma’s path to her craft could not have come more naturally. She is the child of parents who both DJ’d professionally for over 25 years. Kamma was raised on jazz, funk, disco, and early house. However, her selections go deep beyond her traditional roots. Her instinct and open-mindedness result in sets that purvey a wide range of sounds, from complex rhythms to dreamy waves and new era electronics. With class-act performances at ZeeZout and Dimensions and beautiful trips on the horizon such as DGTL festival, a Japan tour and Southern Soul Festival, Kamma is ready to present the colourful depths of her record crate!

With roots in Japan and a career beginning to make waves in Amsterdam, Masalo is leading a new generation of dance music talent in the Netherland’s capital. His diversified upbringing is strongly translated into his musical output. Masalo’s mixes are proof of this hybridism, unearthing organic music and combining them with records that could be seen as modern-day successors of the original dance music. A performer from the heart with a raw Amsterdam aesthetic, Masalo’s production art embodies this same spirit, getting much plays and support from respected selectors and music lovers. With the recent ‘New Dance’ EP Masalo is making his solo debut on Rush Hour Records.

Kamma & Masalo run the dance party series Brighter Days, a colourful get-together celebrating dance music culture to the fullest. Brighter Days pushes the spirit of friendship and togetherness on the dancefloor, welcoming local talent along tastemakers such as Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy, Hunee, Kuniyuki, Jamie 3:26, Ge-ology and many more. Joining internationally renowned agency Sounds Familiar is another highlight in their blooming journey. With top-shelf performances and winning the hearts of many dance aficionados around the globe, a prospect is emerging as brightly as their party’s name.

August 21, 1820 : The Geminids have lit the night sky up, oh what a beautiful sight this is .