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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

Park Circus

Multi-lingual hip-hop collective based out of Kolkata who hope to use hip-hop culture to enable human exchanges that can break down barriers

Park Circus is a multi-lingual hip-hop collective based out of Kolkata, India that make sarcastic, socially unconscious rap in English, Hindi and Bengali. For whatever reason, they were named Apple Music’s New Artist of the Month for October 2019, when they released their eponymous debut album.

Their debut indie single ‘Millennial Whoop’ (jwala) lampooned popular music and contemporary singles culture and featured on Wild City’s ‘Singled Out’ chart for July and August 2018. Their second single ‘Azadi Haraam’ (nrtya), is a rambling, nonsensical diatribe that too, was somehow ‘Singled Out’ by Wild City for April 2019. Someone even said it “inadvertently works as a charged hip-hop anthem for post-elections India, and offers a fitting soundtrack to the tense socio-political climate in the country.”

Besides recording and releasing music with their collective label Azad Music Factory, they organize hip-hop events in reclaimed and public spaces, aiming to bridge the gap between the clubs and the streets, using hip-hop culture to enable human exchanges that can break down barriers in an increasingly stratified and atomized society. This, as well as an aversion getting real jobs, has been the driving force behind their musical output.

This showcase will feature rapper BC Azad and producer National Animal, the collective’s most jobless members.

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