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Alsisar Mahal, Rajasthan, India

28.3036° N, 75.2853° E

The Black Madonna

A sublime technician behind the decks, The Black Madonna is known for fluent and dynamic sets which span from Disco to Techno to House and back

In a span of a few years, The Black Madonna (AKA Marea Stamper) has used her grit and talent to propel herself into a world that not long ago would have rejected someone outside of its conventions. Now, she stands as an absolute force of nature in dance music, just getting started at nearly forty years old. One room sweatboxes, circus tents, theatres, massive festival stages and entire city blocks have all served as the canvas for this kaleidoscopic event.

A sublime technician behind the decks, The Black Madonna quickly became known for fluent and dynamic sets, which spanned from disco to techno to house and back, maybe stopping by a little drum and bass on the way. Launched at breakneck pace from dot to dot on the globe, she is as comfortable delivering an eight-hour disco beat down in a bathhouse as she is dominating largest festival stages in the world with searing techno. Whether you see The Black Madonna first, on a computer screen, maybe one of her Boiler Room appearances, in room with fifty people, or in a stadium, there’s a word that people always say first: energy. It’s unmissable. There’s an infectious joy and ability to connect with the room.

Past her musical legacy, a deep commitment to social justice remains a natural companion to The Black Madonna’s life in music and an immensely important part of both her popularity and her day to day work. Whether it’s traveling to Uganda to work directly with queer women DJs, mentorship schemes for women, advocating on behalf of various racial justice efforts, prison and bail reform and especially international refugee, feminist and LGBTQi projects, her commitment to humanitarian work is as strong as her commitment to music.

The Black Madonna’s production catalogue includes remixes for Robyn, Dua Lipa, Georgia, Tiga and solo work for many labels. DJ mixes for BBC, Resident Advisor, FACT Mag, Dekmantel, Beats In Space, Little White Earbuds, Rinse FM show remain highly regarded, selected from deep crates and executed with precision. She is currently completing her first album with very special guests.

August 21, 1820 : The Geminids have lit the night sky up, oh what a beautiful sight this is .